“Keto is the best diet for fat loss”

The Keto or Ketogenic diet is all the rage at the moment. This approach to fat loss has been around for decades but is currently doing it’s rounds as the ‘best, fastest, holy grail, yadda yadda, blah blah’ approach to dieting and weight loss.

The Ketogenic diet actually comes from early 20th century physicians looking to find a nutritional approach to help epilepsy patients and the positive  effects ketogenesis has on epilepsy, but that’s a story for another time.
It wasn’t until 1972 that Dr Atkins released his widely popular ‘Atkins new diet revolution’ and the world dipped it’s somewhat chubby toes into the nutritional pool of ketosis.

The Atkins diet was actually a ‘very low carb’ approach with the first two weeks being the harshest on carb restriction with some people maybe touching into ketosis but most likely not. True ketosis is rather quite difficult to reach for various reasons that is beyond the scope of this article.

Debunked: The reality of a ketogenic diet has some quite harsh caveats. The biggest and most difficult for most being an almost zero carb intake  – no potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, fruit and sugar to name a few. This eliminates a huge group of foods that makes up the VAST majority of the western worlds diet. Like some toast in the morning or a good Sunday roast? Well, you’re shit out of luck.

If you’re the type of person who is more savoury in preference and won’t miss many of carb-laden foods that surround us from all angles then it MAY be a good approach for you.

You can’t just eat unlimited amounts of fat and lose weight. The keto diet is like any other – you have to set your calorie intake at a level that is lower than the amount of energy your body needs. To do that you need to know how many calories you need every day to maintain your weight then take away 300-500 from that number. Follow that with a high level of consistency for a chunk of time and weight loss occurs.

The ONLY reason why a ketogenic approach works is the exact same as any other – you’ll be in a calorie deficit (burn more energy that your body requires).

The only time a ‘diet’ is the ‘best’ is when it’s a ‘way of eating’ that suits your lifestyle, preferences and can be maintained for the rest of your life.

Take Home: There isn’t a ‘best’ diet. They all work on the same principles – energy deficit.

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