Richard Baker


Hey, I’m Rich, a personal trainer with 5 years experience working with people of all walks of life in finding their final solution to health and confidence in their own bodies. I now use that experience to work with people online.

In the least amount of words I’ll explain what I do:  I show people how to take complete control of their body. Nailed it.

I won’t give you a life story because, frankly, who wants that? You’re here to know how to get ripped or lean, toned legs & tummy or build muscle and look good naked… Am I right or am I right? *awkward high five*

Well now that we’re friends, I’ll give you my highly condensed ‘story’ of where I was and where I am now.


Always been chubby. Never got the girls. Picked last for the football team (unless they needed a keeper, I filled more of the goal you see). Constantly wondered (died inside with frustraton) how I could take 2 licks of a bagel and gain 6lbs. Got to the age of 18 and was in despair (no joke, proper feels). Started reading 4-5 hours a day about everything from nutrition and training and then trying it in the real world. Rinse and repeat for about a decade and we get to a few years ago.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Mistakes – I tried so many diets and did so many desperate things because they all ‘promised’ that it was the answer to my problems. I made a TON of mistakes – In the gym, in the kitchen, out the gym, out the kitchen, do this, don’t do that, this is the best way, that’s the best way, ad nauseum… Then I made a TON more mistakes, until this time I’d fudged so many things up and learnt from all of them that the only things left were the ones that WORK. Every. Single. Time
  • Food – You don’t need to suffer and eat blended kale and tuna in lettuce leaf buns. You CAN eat your favorite foods every single day and get as lean as you want, build a physique that THOR would double take or bullet proof your health and energy so much that you finally understand just how much you’ve been dragging your feet through life. I assure you.
  • Exercise – It does NOT have to take over your life. Got 3-4 hours a week to spare? That’s all most people need. But, you won’t hear that often because it’s not ‘sexy’ and you can’t bottle it up and sell it.  The exercise can and should be enjoyable as you get stronger, healthier, leaner and more gangster. Last one is optional.
  • Genetics – I, at one point, wholeheartedly believed that I had terrible genetics and often used it as an excuse. If the last decade has taught me anything, it’s that we all have so much more potential than we think. Even though I was overweight the vast majority of my life, I made more changes to my body than I thought possible, and it’s very achievable once you start approaching in the correct manner. No matter what your starting point is I ASSURE you that you’ll be astonished with the things you can do with your body when you just understand a little bit about how it works and how you’ve been working against it for so long.
    I learned many valuable lessons and continually expand and improve my understanding of the human body and mind. But those 4 bullet points above are at the core of what actually matter. I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy. I’ll tell you exactly what it takes to get you from where you are now,  to where you want to go. No smoke or bullshit. Factual information that you can learn, absorb and use for the rest of your life. I wasted so much TIME struggling so my clients don’t have to.

“That’s me on the left doing my best impression of a wardrobe, aged 18. That’s also me on the right doing my best impression of an angry, but slightly broody man, about a decade later. What I learned in that time span is what’s proven invaluable to my clients – experiencing, first hand, every struggle possible to gain control of my body and how I wanted to look.”

Why BeyondPT?

I’ve been in your shoes…

Overweight and don’t like how you look in and out of clothes…

No confidence, especially with the opposite sex…

Worked hard in the gym and diet with practically ZERO results…

Tried every diet, supplement and weight loss product under the sun with no success…

Frustrated and thought I was stuck with ‘bad genetics’…

As you read that, did any of it resonate with you? I know it did for me.. because that was me.
I tried… I worked hard… I did all the ‘right’ things.. I got nowhere… I get it!
After over a decade of making mistakes, learning from every single one of them and then applying that new found knowledge has allowed me to find what TRULY works to make positive changes to your body.

Because of my own personal journey I’m able to empathise with the barriers and frustration of every client that steps through my door. To be able to feel and understand the fear, doubt and frustration of the person sitting across from me is ultimately what allows me to achieve success with you!